One Syndrome of Zimbabwean Startups

Continuing from our previous post on why Zimbabwean startups fail i have perceived what i would call a very bad trait that our startups have and i am sure any level headed person would have observed this, the amount of time that is spent attending events and creating lists of what they perceive as successful local startups and tweeting, one wonders how they make time to actually work on their startups.

Work is one element that hasn’t been constant whenever people start talking of startups, that is one main reason why  many startups have failed and continue to fail. Don’t get me wrong we have nothing against people attending events and tweeting the whole day but if you spend more than five years and you are still being referred to as a startup then you have a problem.

I guess this problem is not only with our startups, it’s a national thing Zimbabweans are very good with blueprints but we are poor implementers. We have very good ideas but we lack the expertise to carry them out i was privileged to attend the first Barcamp Meeting in Harare and some startups won prizes to help them boost their businesses but from then on they have simply sunk into oblivion, i am just using these as a casing point there are plenty  out there who are in more for the glam than the passion.

We need a total paradigm shift if we are to make something meaningful and scalable.

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