Zambezi Movie Loads of potential!

Just finished watching the Scene Promo for the upcoming movie Zambezi and i have to say i am very impressed, the guys behind this project are on to something here. The Zimbabwean film industry is definitely on the rebound recently we had The Gentleman and now we have Zambezi, Produced by Mighty Movies, Directed by Marc T Mandisoul and also featuring notable figures like Eddie Sandifolo and Nothando Nobengula and more. The quality of the picture is world class, the sound is good and the acting outstanding, this is definitely the movie to watch for 2013 that is if they manage to keep the consistency on all the scenes. Zambezi has basically pushed the bar as far as Zimbabwean filmmaking is concerned.

You can watch the video below and tell us what you think!

That’s Creativity!

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Shamaika Africa Movie
Shamaika Africa Movie

The clip that you see was shot by shamaika as a test shot to see if shamaika can deliver the cinematography. then Mr Marc has used it as a trailer and replase Shamaika with bingo. to tak the creadit. the funny thing is the director of photography (bingo) was not even there wan that scene was shoot.


So... This movie is at 480p and its world class... Really, a trailer that isnt even at 720p let alone 1080 and you call it world class? it was shot on a Canon DSLR at the resolution and whether it was scaled down during editing or they just were too lazy to upload a 1080p video, its still embarrassing. Pic a local music video online and you'll see most of them are at least trying to high def. Also, as usual with the 5D/7D, the cinematographer was tempted to go for a shallow depth of field look but unfortunately the focus puller dropped the ball and you have spots with dodgy focus. Acting by the military gentleman is pretty good but the effects are terrible. Please may the VFX guy pirate a copy of Action Essentials or at least ask around, people should have it lying around on their hard drives. The color timing (grading) is a nightmare. There are outdoor shots which should be bursting with colour from the lush vegetation but all we see is a dull brown/grey... Skin tone is a mess., and in some shots, everything is slightly out of focus and lacks detail.... I'm not saying these guys are useless, but I know they could all do a lot better if they were pushed and that this is not good enough for the international market or even for South Africa. I wouldn't watch it. This is far from perfect and your deciding to give it such accolades illustrates what is wrong with Zimbabwean cinema today. Its not good enough and it wont improve if you keep celebrating mediocrity. Push your film makers hard and they will give you something decent.


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