Print is dead!

Print is dying a slow and painful death, as many businesses have fully embraced the internet and this is a fact. Newsweek one of the oldest magazine’s, 80 years to be exact recently decided to move to an online format which is a clear indication of where the market has gone, there are more people reading online publications than print, and advertisers have also gone the same route. Newsweek cited the following reasons for its departure from print:

  • Stiff competition from Time magazine.
  • Competition from online publications.
  • A drop in advertisers who had moved on to online publications.
  • A drop in readership who preferred reading publications online.

We recently published the same argument on which form of advertising is the most effective Print or Online and i think it is safe for us to say that online advertising is winning this argument.

Where does all this leave Zimbabwean Businesses?

I am glad to say many Zimbabwean publications have woken up and smelt the coffee, the leading news outlets are already in full throttle, these are namely The Herald, Newsday and many other news outlets. However they are many other business who still view the web as a passing fad and these are the sort of businesses who are slowly sinking into the realm of irrelevance and will very soon be forgotten, sadly. Today is the right time to take your business online.

The number of blogs has also increased perhaps this is also a sign that people have decided to publish their own news and this does not spell competition for traditional publications, it is simply is a sign of the variety that the internet comes with because the hunger for content cannot be quenched as long as many businesses remain offline.

Maybe that is just my view, do you think there is any life left in print? Give us your feedback leave a comment