Zimbabwe ICT Minister Nelson Chamisa launches website

So the honorable minister has finally launched his own website as is becoming the trend with many ministers. It a very responsive website,  so you access it from almost any device. It was “Designed and Developed” by Kreative Republic a local web development company.

However, the use of a joomla template for a Zimbabwean ICT Ministers’ website doesn’t have a ring to it. Now i am not sure if the minister is aware that his website in not Proudly Zimbabwean, If it starts from the top no wonder why we are not breeding tried and tested web designers and developers in Zimbabwe. This template/website was designed and developed by Rocket Themes in the US and you can view the demo here. I know we will get a lot of negative feedback from companies and individuals  whose sole business is downloading templates from the internet and customizing them only to call themselves web designers and developers. There is no problem in customizing templates but to take credit for it is something else, read our article on open source licenses for more information on this.

I think it is time we did some serious introspection and come up with solutions that are home grown.

Congratulations to the minister for his website. You can visit the website at www.nelsonchamisa.com

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