Bang with friends the Facebook app that got people talking

Bang with Friends is a Facebook App that does exactly as the name suggests. How it works is quite simple really, there’s even an illustration(Below), seriously!. When you log into the app it displays your friends and you choose which friends you want to be intimate with, if your “friend” is also using the app and he/she chooses you, you are then both notified and the rest is up to you, simple really.


A lot of controversy is however surrounding this App recently the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in the US labelled Bang With Friends ‘the evilest app ever’. I am also very sure this app is also going to stir up a lot of controversy once it gets popular in Zimbabwe. Other women groups in the US are complaining over how the women are portrayed on the Apps facebook page.

I have a feeling a lot of controversy is going to haunt this app. What are your thoughts regarding this development