Samsung unveils the Galaxy S IV

Samsung the South Korean technology company finally unveiled the much anticipated Galaxy S IV at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. We managed to watch the whole show through their live stream on Youtube. Samsung did not disappoint they brought a lot of new features on the software side and they also made some changes on the hardware side too, the S IV is now packing power behind it see image below for complete specs.


The leaked images and videos were all confirmed at the event as true, the rumor mill was right again.

Some of the features that we thought we really astounding are listed below:

Hand gestures allow you to operate the phone without touching the phone you can browse the internet, change the music.

The Galaxy S IV comes with a host of features that deal specifically with the camera, there is the Dual Shot which lets you take a picture with both the front and the rear camera at once.


Drama Shot lets you take a burst of photos at once and overlaps them and they are plenty more camera related technologies which we will discuss in other future posts.

They introduced S Health this app is supposed to keep track of you health by monitoring your environment and monitor how many steps you have taken and the like just like your personal doctor, we are yet to see what S Health really entails.

IR Blaster that’s Infra-red blaster with this you can use you Galaxy S IV as a remote.

Group Play let’s you play music as a group, 1 person can beam music from their S IV  to other devices and they will act as speakers, in addition to that you can also share other files and multi-player games as a group as well.

we will keep you informed as more information on this brilliant phone comes out. Stay tuned!