Apple launches iOS 7

Apple has launched a totally revamped iOS 7. This Operating System is a total departure from Apple’s skeurmorphic design approach, which characterized many of it’s earlier products. iOS 7 brings in a vibrancy and color that was much needed in light of the fierce competition they are facing from Android via Samsung.


What’s new in iOS7?


Some of the new features that Apple has added are:


 Control Center


Basically this gives you quick access to your Apps like Music, bluetooth, flashlight, timer or calculator


Notification Center


As the name suggests this notifies you on new e-mails, missed calls and you calendar, all from a central location.




This gives you a shortcut to you opened apps, similar to setting up home screens on the Galaxy S4, which is where they probably took the idea from, but it makes it easier to jump from one App to another.


Apple has also upgraded the Camera, iCloud, Safari, Siri and the App Store.


The other new feature to look out for is iTunes Radio for streaming you favorite stations online and Airdrop for easily sharing your files with other iPhone users. Find my iPhone is another great feature they have added to iOS 7, this according to Apple will make it harder for anyone to steal your iPhone, if somebody steals your phone and even tries to erase the software they will be prompted to provide an Apple ID and password otherwise the device will not function.


The software is currently available only for Apple developers but will be available to the masses later on in the year. Some iOS 7 features are not going to be supported on old devices, so you will have to check whether your device is compatible with certain features or not.


Give us your thoughts, do you think iOS 7 is going to give Apple the much needed comeback?