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Thanks to Econet now your can browse a non-existent website

The guys at Econet are at it again, by at it i mean not paying attention. The latest boob, involves them advertising that when users use 30MB to 60MB of data a month, they get to browse websites like bbc.co.uk, yookos and sha.co.zw, wait…what?. You remember sha.co.zw? you should for those who do not know, sha.co.zw made it to our list of failed Zimbabwean websites, which basically means that sha.co.zw does not exist and the econet marketing team is on full throttle advertising sha.co.zw, whats wrong with this picture.

Econet promo material advertsing sha.co.zw

Econet promo material advertsing sha.co.zw

So how did Econet place non existent website on its marketing material under the noses of some of the highest paid employees in Zimbabwe, one wonders. Webdev have since capitalized on this by redirecting the sha.co.zw url to classifieds.co.zw. We have safely tucked this post under the fail tag.

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