Updated: 50 Top Zimbabwean websites first quarter 2014

It’s been four months since our last list of popular Zimbabwean websites. We have now moved our list from bi-monthly to quarterly publications to keep the lists very fresh and competitive. This latest list of the 50 Top Zimbabwean websites is testament that the Zimbabwean web sphere is very volatile.

Newzimbabwe.com has retained pole position since we began these lists, with a global ranking of 49,640. They have been a few climbers namely Three Men on a Boat(3-mob.com) and Chronicle and new entrants to the list include property.co.zw and nerdcreed.com. Read the full list below:

Website Global Ranking Position
newzimbabwe.com 49,640 1
herald.co.zw 49,737 2
nehandaradio.com 69,977 3
techzim.co.zw 76,404 4
bulawayo24.com 81,724 5
newsday.co.zw 90,753 6
classifieds.co.zw 125,304 7
zimbabwesituation.com 132,582 8
myzimbabwe.co.zw 133,457 9
newsdzezimbabwe.co.uk 136,325 10
dailynews.co.zw 143,233 11
zimeye.org 191,243 12
iharare.co.zw 209,510 13
3-mob.com 267,147 14
chronicle.co.zw 304,918 15
sundaymail.co.zw 351,178 16
zimbabwe-stock-exchange.com 370,120 17
car.co.zw 377,364 18
creativeloop.co.zw 415,815 19
technomag.co.zw 432,888 20
teqno-magazine.co.zw 443,622 21
zimdiaspora.com 447,778 22
thestandard.co.zw 458,203 23
swradioafrica.com 471,210 24
theindependent.co.zw 473,004 25
zol.co.zw 530,811 26
econet.co.zw 541,395 27
southerneye.co.zw 565,145 28
thedirectory.co.zw 575,443 29
mansheb.com 674,334 30
zimbabweelection.com 794,869 31
zbc.co.zw 803,891 32
idrive.co.zw 844,433 33
smeaz.org.zw 891,964 34
iharare.com 209,510 35
zimninja.com 971,740 36
spiritembassy.org 990,198 37
cvpeopleafrica.com 1,114,891 38
nehandatv.com 1,127,715 39
uz.ac.zw 1,139,545 40
webdev.co.zw 1,146,120 41
nerdcreed.com 1,264,360 42
telone.co.zw 1,286,856 43
kwayedza.co.zw 1,322,445 44
msu.ac.zw 1,324,228 45
zimbabweyp.com 1,408,741 46
zimra.co.zw 1,502,120 47
property.co.zw 1,531,726 48
sokwanele.com 1,578,017 49
ufiministries.org 1,587,423 50

Please note that this list is compiled manually using Alexa.com, if you know of any website we’ve left out please, leave a comment below.

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Alexa rankings are very deceptive, muchafadza vanhu nenhema, try using proper paid for ranking tools which are not free they will give you actual stats. The actual stats for Creative Loop are as follows --> gets approx 15,000 monthly visits and is actually ranked 1,111,978 in the world and 397 in Zimbabwe (rank comparison includes some global websites visited by Zimbabweans). See attached image creative loop stats even includes where your traffic comes from. If your website is not a "news" website then making it into the top 500,000 in the world is tough. There is absolutely no way you can make it into top 500,000 websites with only 15,000 visits a month hazviite!! There are major players out there.... Please note I am not saying this to shoot down your list but i just helping those who are getting comfortable with these stats which are far from correct.


Hi there, you left out jbkwebhosting.com .


www.zimlink.org we must be up there


also, you have left out myzimbabwe.co.zw


Thank you for this wonderful list, its a great thing you always do.....anways We suggest you edit for iharare.com, we changed domain to iharare.co.zw and we are way up there on alexa now. check www.iharare.co.zw on alexa please

Maston M
Maston M

Thanks Matthew for the feedback we are pretty aware of similarweb.com but we already dismissed that as an accurate analytic on our second issue. If we are to get into this we would spend the whole day. You sound Techy so i would assume that you probably know that all data is based on data collected from a cookie and data collected from the cookie is based on what the analytic company wants to exploit, what that essentially means is that the measurements will not be all in tandem with other analytical firms. What we found surprising about similarweb.com was that their data was way too different from data we collected from Alexa and Google Analytics, surely two analytics cannot be wrong, what is even more shocking was that if you go back to similarweb.com under the creativeloop accounts referral links they say the don’t have enough data to show but we are on PageRank 2 and we have hundreds of sites linking in plus similarweb doesn’t even show data for some of the websites in Zimbabwe but the other analytics do. We had the same problem with compete.com which doesn’t even show anything and that’s why we use Alexa. By the way all analytics measure the rank based on the last 3 months and we average more than 50,000 visits every month according to Google analytics. If we were to use our web server analytics like Awstats we are actually higher. Appreciate the feedback though!

Maston M
Maston M

Thanks for that let me update it ASAP


Seems you are now removing my comments no worries i will create my own list


no thank you for the timeous response!

Maston M
Maston M

I haven't removed any comment, but just to answer you we are not looking at analytics for very site surely we'd have to own the sites but we have many interests that we have access to their analytics accounts. Like i said earlier this chat will go on forever, you should create your own list then you will find out first hand how you will not be able to please everyone, because someone will dispute it.