Moonlight Cross, Zimbabwe’s first fantasy horror movie?

Let’s be honest fantasy horror movies are very difficult to make, not only from a budget point of view but also from a technical skill point of view, but that hasn’t stopped three producers from Bulawayo Mhle Nzima, Gani Phiri and Percy Soko have teamed up to  venture into the unknown. A territory were no Zollywood movie has ever gone before.

Moonlight Cross is a story about a boy who is raised from the dead as a slave to a powerful family of witches. His quest to free his soul from bondage is wrought with horror,thrills, love and sacrifice, as if that’s not creepy enough, he tries to desperately reconnect with his past.

King Krued on the set of Moonlight Cross

King Krued on the set of Moonlight Cross

The cast of Moonlight Cross include popular TV personality Nyasha “Diva” Mtangamira, Xanier Dhlomo, Pride Mpofu and newcomers Nigel Tom, Faith Mabutho, Ryan Young and Leroy Ndlovu. The movie is is being produced by rEBEL fILM pRODUCTIONS, and no i did not misspell it, that is the name of the production company a brainchild of the three producers.

Moonlight is set to be released in Late April 2014 in Bulawayo, then later on in Harare. Production of the film is currently underway and will end of the 31st of March 2014.

You can read their full press release here

Your thoughts, do you think they can pull it off?

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I have faith in genius cinematographer King Krued and master storyteller Mhle Nzima. They're the best at what they do. With or without the recognition.


I am not going to hold my breath just yet. Often, I have been disappointed. I need something good for once to inspire some sort of confidence.


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