Enqore hosts Animation Class in Harare

Google Connected nominated Enqore will be hosting a a 5 day Animation theory class in Harare, Zimbabwe. All you aspiring animators should attend.


Event Details

Hey everyone! Meet Angry Mwana! He wants to take you through the process of telling your story through animation!!! Come and join Nqobizitha Mlilo aka Enqore and enjoy a once in a life time experience. 


How do I buy tickets?

At just $40, it will cover all five days of this workshop!!

Please register for the event first, then see information below for payments:

Payments can be made to Irene Chikumbo, Community Manager on ECOCASH NUMBER 0782 964 330 or payments can be made in person at Hypercube Hub.


Introduction to digital animation?

These classes will focus on the theoretical aspects of animation. It will explore historical topics as well as the different technologies and tools that are available to the modern artist to achieve the different kinds of animation. We will also be touching lightly on Anime studio, not primarily as a topic but more an overview into the concepts and features of the animation system. Conceptually we will be covering adobe suite as well as complimentary programs for editing and sound.

Day 1 – Theory

9am – 1pm : Animation theory, Industry outlook, animation history, digital imaging theory

2pm – 4pm : Workflow theory, character design, scripting for animation

Day 2 – Theory

10 am – 1 pm : Online tools and resources, Concept art and design, Storyboarding, Work flow theory II, digital imaging theory II.

2 pm – 4pm: Pipeline test. Introduction to PhotoShop, After effects and Anime studio.

Day 3 – Technical Theory

10 am – 1 pm : Intro to Photoshop.

2 pm – 4 pm : Intro to Anime Studio.

Day 4 – Technical theory

10 am – 1pm : Rigging in anime studio.
2pm – 4pm : Animation concepts in Anime Studio.

Day 5 – Technical theory

10 am – 1pm : Animation in anime studio.
2pm – 4pm : Intro to After Effects and compositing

Follow the link to purchase a ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/angry-mwana-animation-101-workshop-with-enqore-tickets-11234289061