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Is Econet mocking Telecel in this advert?

For some strange reason Telecel has been on the receiving end of the unofficial ‘Mobile Networks War’, if you still remember last year, NetOne jabbed Telecel in an advert. The competition seems to have hi-jacked the term  ‘Tell Someone’, apparently NetOne and Econet feel that it is not good enough to TellSomeone you should tell everyone.


In the latest advert above which they posted on their Facebook page, Econet are saying it’s time to upgrade you Tele… communications provider, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to discover who they are referring to here. They left the 3 dots intentionally for us to do the math. We see what you did there Econet. 

Econet has of lately putting a spin the #TellSomeone with variatiions like #TellEveryBuddie and #TellEveryone. 

What are you thoughts on this latest jab?