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Zimbabwe’s LOVE / HATE relationship with Econet

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I’ve wanted to write this opinion piece about Econet Wireless for some weeks now but for some strange reason i couldn’t, i just couldn’t. This morning i woke up feeling very energized and motivated enough to finally write the piece and coincidentally it happens to be Econet Wireless’ birthday, they’ve turned 16 today, Happy Birthday to them.

Zimbabweans have a love/hate relationship with the largest telecommunication company in the country, there’s no doubt about that, but the question is why?

I was having a discussion with a group of friends a few weeks back and normally the conversation gravitated towards Econet, some were saying they are very elitist, greedy, selfish and all the other negative things that have been attributed towards Econet over the years.

In the heat of this discussion, one of my friends who was quiet all along suddenly asked a very simple question, that we didn’t have a clear answer to, he said ’If you guys hate Econet that much why don’t you just switch?’. The whole group couldn’t come up with a clear answer on that one, clearly.

That was a very good question and i’m sure you agree. The truth is that even if we have so many reservations against Econet, they have been responsible for many positive developments in this country.

Look at the great many innovations they’ve come up with over the years like EcoCash, EcoSchool, Joshua Nkomo Scholarship, creating jobs, taking care of the highest tax bill in the nation and taking care of the less privileged etcetera and also those things they(Econet) would love to forget like EcoLife, costly products and bad customer service, and those things that never seem to really take of i.e Econet 3G and Econet 4G LTE and Buddie Beatz.

Econet installing fibre optic in high density areas

Econet installing fibre optic in high density areas

At times their service is erratic but which telecoms provider is immune to that in this country. Love them or hate them looks like we will be stuck with them for a long time to come or at least when the competition shapes up.

This is just my opinion by the way.