Mozilla launches browser targeted at developers: Firefox Developer Edition

Mozilla commemorated their 10th anniversary of the Firefox browser recently and with it took time to launch Firefox Developer Edition, a web browser that is specifically targeted and developers.

I have taken some time to play around with it and i have been pretty impressed, some of the stand out features include:


This firefox extension which comes pre-installed, and allows you to emulate any browser without leaving Firefox. This is good for cross-browser testing. Valence is capable of emulating iOS and android browsers, which makes it a pretty good component for mobile app development.

Responsive Design View

In-built in Firefox Developer Edition is a responsive website testing tool, gone are the days were you had to download mobile emulators. Directly from Firefox Developer Edition you can design responsive layouts.

Style Editor

The style editor allows you to view, inspect and edit CSS stylesheets directly from the browser. If you are a fan of developing in the browser or you want to make quick edits without launching you code editor then you will love this feature.

Firefox developer Edition browser comes with many other useful tools including a Web Audio inspector, Network monitor, Page Inspector, WebIDE and a Web console.

The Firefox Developer edition is available for all platforms including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Just do not take my word for it, download Firefox Developer Edition and try it yourself.