Zim Media Handbook, a directory for media professionals launched

A new directory for media industry professionals has been launched. Now we are not really clear, on who is behind the project, but judging from the adverts on the website, it looks like MMX Rental is responsible.

For those who do not know what MMX Rental is, this is a new company that is working with 2 Danish firms to bring professional video equipment rental services in Harare. An update from the MMX Rental website, offering a 10% discount on professionals registered on the Zim Media Handbook, confirmed the culprits for us.


The website allows professionals to register their contact details, under their respective area of expertise, some of the categories include Actors/Actresses, Broadcasters,Gaffers,Grip,Writers,Directors(Some notable Directors who have registered include, Marian Kunonga and Joe Njagu), Animators and more

The website address is: http://zimmediahandbook.com/