Watch: Jerusarema by Jah Prayzah – One of the Best produced Zimbabwean music videos, ever!

Zimbabwean musician Jah Prayzah has just released a video for his hit song Jerusarema and it is one of the best videos to ever be produced in the country. The Jerusaema  music video is a clear sign that Zimbabwean  productions are slowly getting there. The video was produced at Leopard Rock Hotel in Mutare, and one could easily have thought it was produced somewhere in England with the white cast, but no its all homegrown.

The music video was directed by W.Slim Magombedze (Slimaz Pro) and Co-Directed by Ammara Brown. On the production side the camera movements and the color grading is perfect, actually the video is just outstanding.

Apart from the Jerusarema video, Jah Prayzah also released 3 other music videos on the same day, for his songs Hello, Tiise maoko and Eriza, you can watch them on his youtube channel here.