Escape Movie Premiere a huge success!

Not even the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF) or the producers of Escape had anticipated the huge turnout that characterized the premiere of the latest Zimbabwe film to hit the big screen.

The Escape Movie was attended by politicians, musicians, socialites and many other popular Zimbabwean personalities and we have the pictures to prove it.

The movie was such as huge success that the main hall was filled up in a matter of minutes, and they (ZIFF) had to arrange another cinema for screening, and even that one still filled up. It was so full that the co-director of the film Joe Njagu did not even manage to get a seat, he ended up seating on the floor.

Mr and Mrs Njagu

Mr and Mrs Njagu

Never been so humbled like this ever. Thank you Zimbabwe for the overwhelming support. Ster kinekor had to open another cinema to screen the movie in 2 cinemas at the same time and still i had to sit on the stairs couldn’t get a seat. I love you guys for the support. ESCAPE the movie made history today because of your support. Please continue believing in us. To all those who came I love you guys –Joe Njagu, Facebook

Elton Mjanana, ZIFF Festival Director also confirmed that he hadn’t seen anything like it, in the history of the festival, not single since festival movie had ever been that well attended.


A packed cinema at the premiere of Escape


The movie itself was good, it’s not your typical Zimbabwean movie, but you still get some sense of our country in it and you will be entertained. But be warned, there are a lot of ‘heated’ scenes in the movie.

The film also features a lot of notable Zimbabwean names including Acie Lumumba, Selmor Mtukudzi, Munya Chidzonga, Nonthando Nobengula, Eddie Sandifolo and many others.

Eddie Sandifolo

Perhaps the best performance in the movie comes from Eddie Sandifolo, with every scene he features producing exceptional performance. I’ll probably write a piece dedicated to him alone, such an outstanding actor.