Telecel Wi-Fi Zone is the new entrant into the WiFi Hotspot market

Better late than never, right? Telecel the country’s 2nd largest Moble Network Operator(MNO) has finally entered the WiFi hotspot market with the launch of Telecel Wi-Fi Zone, sounds familiar?

Telecel is the proverbial late comer, but at least they eventually come, pun not intended. The MNO enters a market which is slowly getting saturated, and with their pricing I’m not really convinced they have a chance of survival.

Pricing for their Wi-Fi bundles starts at $1, for that Telecel subscribers get 24MB, for the same amount TelOne WiFi gives you 1GB of data, so you be the judge.

0.24MB 1 24HRS
250MB 2 7 DAYS
700MB 5 15 DAYS
1.500MB 10 30 DAYS
45.00MB 25 30 DAYS
10.240MB 50 30 DAYS


Telecel subscribers can dial *480# to purchase Wi-Fi bundles.

The company hasn’t disclosed the locations were subscribers can access the hotspots, but when they do we will update you.