The circus continues! The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe(BAZ) has once again approached the High Court seeking to block Kwese TV from broadcasting, just days after Kwese TV was granted permission to broadcast by the same court.

BAZ chief executive officer, Obert Manyangura still insists that the High Court has no jurisdiction.

“The legal provision makes it clear and the Administrative Court itself has no power to authorise the respondent (Dr Dish) to carry on broadcasting services. That power vests with the first applicant herein (BAZ). It was, therefore completely irregular for the High Court to have assumed jurisdiction and to have proceeded to authorise the respondent to operate without a licence,” Muganyura said in his urgent application.

Manyangura also said that members of the public buying decoders and subscribing to Kwese would not be compensated.

One wonders why BAZ is so zealous to have Kwese TV shut down? And who foots the bill for all these court cases?

The matter is yet to be set for hearing.