• Chipo Mtasa, TelOne CEO

TelOne is offering a 40% discount for outstanding bills, but…

There is no doubt the TelOne under the leadership of Chipo Mtasa has become a force to reckon with. They now have some of the best products on the market like their ADSL offerings, Fibre-To-The-Home(FTTH), TelOne WiFi, and just recently they applied for a broadcasting license, need I say more.

In what will come as good news to TelOne customers, especially those with outstanding bills, the parastatal is offering a 40% discount to those who pay their outstanding bills, there’s a catch, the offer is valid until the end of October 2017.

TelOne Bills

TelOne recently announced a prepaid voice service, and I’m pretty sure the announcement of this discount offer is linked to that, perhaps the company is now moving in the prepaid direction, so they want to recover as much money as possible before changing over, but that’s just me.