Jeys Marabini attacked at Presidential Inauguration as tribalism rears its ugly head

Popular Zimbabwean musician Jeys Marabini and his Kozekulunge band were on Friday, during President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration attacked with plastic bottles and cans by some ignorant tribalistic lunatics, who definitely should have no place in a new Zimbabwe.

The Bulawayo based artists narrated his ordeal on his Facebook Page you can read it below:

Yesterday the 24th of November 2017, I had the privilege and honour to have been invited as one of the musicians that provided entertainment to the Nation of Zimbabwe at the Presidential Inauguration of the New President of the New Zimbabwe His Excellency CDE Emmerson D Mnangagwa.
My disappointed was when we took upon the stage to serenade the multitudes with the musical performance that we had prepared for this historical event. As we began to sing our Ndebele songs that the organisers of the event invited us knowingly that we sing such songs. Part of the multitudes began to catcall at us “atindzwi Ndebele” meaning we do not understand isiNdebele language. This then led to cans, plastic bottles amongst other items being thrown at myself and the Kozekulunge band.
Upon noticing that my band members were being hit at, and that the organisers were not addressing the crowds and bringing order, I took it upon myself as the leader of the Jeys Marabini and Kozekulunge Band to restore order and address the hooligans and tribalists who were rabble-rousers. We all know that one cannot perform in such an environment.

I stopped the band and told the rabble-rousers to stop tribalism because Zimbabwe is a nation that consists of different tribes, races and creeds. After all that happened in the last number of days that led to the culmination of this New Zimbabwe, the people from all various verticals united and therefore throwing of cans, bottles etc. at us means that a certain tribe is still superior than others. This led to the people to stop and they became quiet.

It’s so painful that after 37years of attaining independence as a nation we are still having this kind of a problem of tribalism. As a musician I personally believe that music builds bridges and unites people. It is critical that this issue be addressed in this New Zimbabwe failure to do so we have a problem as Zimbabweans.

My question is what does this mean to the people of other tribes who are Zimbabweans? .

–Jeys Marabini, Facebook