Kwese TV surpasses 40000 subscribers and counting

The Kwese TV frenzy is not going away, though the company is waiting for its day in court, after the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe(BAZ) appealed to the Supreme Court seeking to have former’s license cancelled, but that is not deterring Kwese customers from signing up for the service.

The company has reportedly signed up 40000 customers to date and rising, they have also recruited 1200 installers to deal with the very huge demand, in addition to that Kwese TV has also recruited over 1000 brand ambassadors to help market the brand.

Perhaps what is also contributing to the huge Kwese TV signups is the ease of acquiring a decoder, unlike DStv which now requires cash for subscriptions, Kwese TV allows customers to purchase their decoders online, customers can also purchase decoders and pay for subs using EcoCash, swiping and cash.

Another factor causing this huge demand for Kwese is that the company gives subscribers 5 free channels to watch even when they don’t subscribe.

At this rate the company will probably double that figure before the end of the year.