Jamaican Charly Black is literally begging to come to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has become the go-to destination for Jamaican dancehall and reggae artists or let me just say for international artists. The ‘Too Blessed’ hitmaker wants an encore.

Just in the previous year we have had the pleasure of hosting Beenie Man, who also recorded a song with Winky D, Turbulence, Charly Black and obviously the big one Tarrus Riley. So it’s no wonder that Charly Black is planning a tour of Africa and one of the destinations he wants to perform in is, you guessed it, Zimbabwe! See his post on Facebook below;

Charly Black is literally begging Zimbabwean promoters to bring him back to Zimbabwe, we must have left an impression on him, or maybe Zimbabwean promoters pay well.

The irony is that Zimbabwean artists perform alongside these international artists get paid peanuts, but that’s a story for another day!