Kwese TV applies for broadcasting licence from BAZ

If you have been following events surrounding Kwese TV’s operations in Zimbabwe, you would know that the company has had to endure a lot of legal battles. Recently the company severed ties with Dr Dish, the company which Econet Media used to gain access into the Zimbabwean market.

So of late Kwese TV has been operating illegally to it bluntly, though they claimed that they had made an arrangement with the government, but all those woes might be a thing of the past.

Kwese TV through it’s parent company Econet Media has applied for their own broadcasting license from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe(BAZ), actually they’ve applied for 3 licenses:

  • Video on Demand Services (VOD)
  • Webcasting services
  • Content Distribution Services

The content distribution license will allow them to legally continue with their satellite operations, whilst the other 2 will allow them to launch other internet based services.

That is if they manage to get the licenses, hopefully they do.