Gonyeti and Bustop TV Nominated for NAMA Awards

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe have just announced the NAMA 2018 nominees and the popular satirical comedy outfit Bustop TV has been nominated for a NAMA Award in the Best Online Media category.

That’s not the only good news though, Bustop TV’s actress Samantha Kureya affectionately known as Gonyeti has also been nominated for a NAMA Award in the Outstanding Comedy category, she will be battling it out with Tinaye Chiketa and Mandlenkosi Mathe for the award.

There is no doubt the comedy outfit has been making Zimbabweans laugh during the past year, and also ruffling up a few feathers, if they manage to fend off competition in the Best Online Media category from Jera and Black Toe TV, then their year would be perfect.

Gonyeti on the other hand has been riding high in the comedy world, she recently won the Intombie Women in Media Award and winning a NAMA will definitely put the icing on the cake.