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Only 80’s babies remember this Ngwerewere Sadza advert by the Rusike Brothers

They don’t make’em like they used to or maybe that’s what we will say about the adverts currently being produced in Zimbabwe in the future. Being an 80’s baby myself, there was just something catchy about commercials/adverts of yesteryear. We have featured similar adverts on this platform like mudhara Bhonzo’s perfection soap advert and the Ngwerewere sadza advert is also another Zimbabwean classic advert, do you agree?

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Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Logo

Is Econet mocking Telecel in this advert?

For some strange reason Telecel has been on the receiving end of the unofficial ‘Mobile Networks War’, if you still remember last year, NetOne jabbed Telecel in an advert. The competition seems to have hi-jacked the term  ‘Tell Someone’, apparently NetOne and Econet feel that it is not good enough to TellSomeone you should tell everyone. In the latest advert above which they posted on their Facebook page, Econet are saying it’s time to upgrade you Tele... communications provider, ...

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Video:Still remember this perfection soap advert

There was a time i would love to call the golden age of television in Zimbabwe. A time when Tv adverts were as entertaining as the shows themselves, i remember watching WWF Wrestling, Santa Barbara, The A-Team, the list goes on, just writing about it leaves me with a nostalgic feeling. I also remember the perfection soap advert, and i was very excited when i found it on YouTube, and i thought it was worth sharing with you. I remember this perfection soap advert as well as many other very ...

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