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Techzim is looking for Bloggers!

One of Zimbabwe’s online technology magazines is looking for bloggers, yes you heard that right, blogging has officially hit the mainstream. There are days when it was really difficult to even tell your relatives that you ‘blog’ for a living fast forward a few years later and bloggers are getting paid, that makes me really happy. Techzim is looking for bloggers to join its ranks. Anyway if you want to blog for Techzim head over to their website for detailed instructions on the ...

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Bet you didn’t know about this WordPress button

Do you know how frustrating it is to spend years taking the longer route of achieving a task, only to find out that theres actually a quicker and easier method of doing the same?, well, that is what i felt when i discovered the clear formatting button in the Wordpress editor. What the button does is to clear all formatting from external sources like Microsoft Word and iWork Pages etcetera. When you copy text from applications like Microsoft Word they carry specific formatting underneath ...

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8 Free Tips for Improving Website Performance : PT1

So you have decided to start a website or blog? You acquired a domain, had a website designed for you or you simply downloaded a theme and dove straight to churning out articles on a regular basis, maybe you have read all the blogs on content strategy but nothing seems to work. Your bounce rates remain very high and your traffic volumes are decreasing and your ad revenue is also waning, what might be the problem? Well in this article, we will give you 8 free tips for improving website ...

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