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Watch: City of Harare shares Insensitive video of them crushing goods taken from vendors

The City of Harare has just shared a very insensitive video on their Facebook Page showing, their workers crushing goods taken from vendors, well at least some of the goods. Now I don’t know if they were expecting to be applauded, but most of the feedback there again on the post is mostly, not what they were expecting. What is to be applauded about taking away the little that families depend upon, if there were jobs in this country to begin with, you wouldn’t see a single vendor on ...

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Moto Republik and City of Harare find common ground

They’ve been at it for the past 2 weeks, but it finally looks like the feud between the City of Harare and Moto Republik has finally come to and end, for now According to Moto Republik the two parties reached an out-of-court settlement. The parties agreed that Moto Republik be given a few months to make renovations, to bring the hub to City of Harare by-law ‘standards’—that’s a story for another day. For now, the Republik stands! But only after a petition, the intervention of ...

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Harare Mayor halts Moto Republik Creative Hub Demolition

Harare City council almost razed down one of Harare’s, if not Zimbabwe’s most popular creative hub, Moto Republik today.  According to reports, the City Fathers just showed up with their trucks and started pulling down structures, without even a court order. It had to take the Mayor of Harare, Mr Manyenyeni himself to order the City of Harare’s Mafia to halt the demolitions. Statement form Moto Republik below; It is true that today, @cohsunshinecity had intention of demolish...

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