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Astro Mobile launches Life Expressed design competition

Astro Mobile, a local mobile phone manufacturing company has just announced the launch of the Life Expressed competition. The company is calling on Zimbabwean artists and designers to design packaging material for their new flagship smartphone the Slide 5.5. The theme of the competition is Life Expressed. Should you decide to enter the competition just be warned, there is some fierce competition from Astro’s designer Mdu Mabhena, check out some of his designs below. The Winner of ...

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Design in Communication

By: Shingi L  Munyuki Two visually stunning ways to liven up those boring presentations. Have you noticed that as technology progresses, people’s attention spans grow shorter and shorter? Time seems to be moving fast, distance diminishing as people get more and more connected. Presenting data to a client hasn’t been this hard before! Now we are also finding out that people take in information in all sorts of different ways, it takes ingenuity to keep people interested now, understand...

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