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Zimbabwe Designers feature: Babusi Nyoni

Today we are continuing with our Zimbabwe Designers feature, last time we showcased work from the very talented Baynham Goredema and this week is no different, we feature the very talented Babusi Nyoni. Profile Babusi Nyoni is a self-taught designer with a passion for clean, functional design. He believes artists should not be limited by their abilities and must be able to express themselves however they wish and that each generation of artists must be responsible for the nurturing of the ...

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Zimbabwe Designers feature: Baynham Goredema

In our inaugural Zimbabwe designers feature, we showcase the very talented Baynham Goredema. He is the man behind some of the best designs to come out of Zimbabwe like the Edith we Utonga’s cd cover, he also partnered with the inaugural Tedx Harare as the design partner and the povo website to name a few. Profile Baynham Goredema is a graphic designer who specializes in corporate identity and brand management. Founder of Xealos Design and POVO. Loves laying out publications and is passion...

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