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Atomos Ninja 2 monitor/external HD recorder price dropped to $295

If you’re on the market for a good monitor/external HD recorder for your DSLR, then you might want to have a look at the Atomos Ninja 2 recorder. Atomos announced at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2015 a massive price reduction for it’s HD line of monitors/HD video recorders. The Ninja Blade an d Samurai Blade now costs $495 down from $995, and the Ninja 2 monitor/HD recorder is now going for $295. The Atomos Ninja 2 is capable of capturing HD video footage in ...

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Why every DSLR user should know about Magic Lantern

If you own a Canon DSLR camera and you don’t know about Magic lantern, then where have you been? Magic lantern is a free software add-on, that brings in a host of new features to your Cannon EOS cameras that were not included from the factory by Canon. One thing that canon does not tell you is that every DSLR camera they make has the ability to perform wonders but just because of commercial reasons they limit the functionality in the cameras’ software so that you end up buying their more ...

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Event: The DSLR Cinematography Workshop

To all aspiring filmmakers out there, this is your opportunity to dive into DSLR Cinematography. Shamaika will be holding a one day workshop on DSLR Cinematography for FREE. So if you’re a Novice or Ninja filmmaker you should attend you might learn a thing or two. Remember admission is totally FREE! VENUE: Room 211, Second Floor Mecury Building George. Silundika Avenue opposite Wimpy, in Harare.. TIME: 10AM - 7PM DATE: Friday 13 December 2013

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Free DSLR simulator tool for Photographers and Filmmakers

Are you new to DSLR photography or filmmaking, or you want to get to know more about terms like ISO, Shutter, Focal length, aperture  and more? If you answer is yes, then this free DSLR simulator tool does exactly that. CameraSim is a learning & teaching tool that explains visually how to use a DSLR camera. This tool makes it easy for anyone to play around with the settings just like in a normal DSLR and the result is in realtime. It is actually good for testing the common settings on a ...

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The Black Magic Cinema Camera should be on every independent film-makers’ Wish List

If you haven’t heard about it, where have you been? The Black Magic Cinema Camera has been there for two to three years now, designed by Black Magic Design a company known for manufacturing Video Production equipment for studios and a host of other products most notably the Hollywood acclaimed Color correction suite, Davinci Resolve 9. I am going to get straight to the point and give 6 reasons why have you should get your hands on the black magic camera in the simplest terms possible. V...

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