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Video: Few Kings – 15 Billion (Hapana Hapana) Official Music Video

Zimbabwean Hip Hop group, Few Kings which is made up of Tehn Diamond, Take Fizzo and Junior Brown have just dropped a music video for their song 15 Billion. Check it out below and let us know what you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaueKgHT8wM  

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Here are the Nominees for the Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards 2017 Edition

Nominees for the Zimbabwe Hip Hop awards 2017 Edition have been announced, the list sees multiple nominations for Tehn Diamond, Takura and Mudiwa. You can read the full list below; Peoples choice •t-gonzi •junior brown •dj towers •floppy x •stunner •mudiwa •takura •poy •kikky bad ass •muse Best Radio dj •Pd and lady k •Mox •Promethious •Emmitty smooth •Lampy and kritic •Thorne la roq Best hip hop verse •Guluva - ngena ka1 verse1 ...

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Do Zim Rappers have Over-Inflated Egos? Asks MisRed

So, for some reason popular radio presenter, Samantha Mussa AKA MisRed decided to run a poll on Twitter on ‘Zimbabwean rappers’? Now I’ve been around long enough to know that when there’s a poll in this country things can get messy. As if that’s not bad enough her question was about Zimbabwean rappers, now you know at this point ‘Feeling Stations’ are starting to get full, so we compiled the best tweets from the thread to see what Zimbabweans had to say. The Poll Rappers ...

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