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Techzim is looking for Bloggers!

One of Zimbabwe’s online technology magazines is looking for bloggers, yes you heard that right, blogging has officially hit the mainstream. There are days when it was really difficult to even tell your relatives that you ‘blog’ for a living fast forward a few years later and bloggers are getting paid, that makes me really happy. Techzim is looking for bloggers to join its ranks. Anyway if you want to blog for Techzim head over to their website for detailed instructions on the ...

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NAMA Intern Wanted

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe invites applications for the post of National Arts Merit Awards(NAMA) intern. The intern will be responsible for encouraging and mopping up of NAMA submissions for the 14th edition of NAMA in the greater Harare and Chitungwiza and will report to the Assistant Director Arts Promotion and Development. DUTIES The ideal candidate is expected to: -Encourage registered Arts Organizations to participate in the 14th NAMA edition. -Assist Arts Organizat...

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Zimbabwean Documentary maker or TV producer wanted

A Swedish Television company is looking for a local documentary maker or television producer to collaborate with, on an HIV and AIDS documentary. The successful candidate will be responsible for research and shooting raw material, which will later be edited in Sweden. If you are interested please forward your name and contact details to maston[at]creativeloop.co.zw, and i will in turn forward the names to the Swedish Television company. and please make sure you have a compelling portfol...

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A view of Harare, courtesy of Sprystock

Call for Photography Service Consultant

Call for Photography Service Consultant: Eunic - Creative Zimbabwe Programme / The British Council Deadline: 20 February 2014 The British Council wishes to engage an experienced photographer for archiving and visibility of the project. The photographer should have experience in the field of arts and development work in Zimbabwe rural communities. The project is being implemented in targeted communities of Binga, Lupane, Bulawayo, Chivi and Honde Valley in Zimbabwe, and including Harare ...

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Film Extras Wanted

Location: SM Movies, New Ardbennie, Harare,  Zimbabwe We are looking for extras any age, any sex, as long as they have a passion to be on camera. They don't have to have an acting background or experience and we are not expecting professionals expecting a contract and allowance, but if you are such a professional, you are still welcome to come and if the director likes you, you could be given a paid role. We need extras to help out and fill in some gaps in the film of which there are ...

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Are you looking for jobs in Zimbabwe?

That’s an absurd question to ask in a country where 80% of the population is unemployed. Though that is true to an extent, there are other ways you can improve your chances of getting employed. What inspired me to write this article was the overwhelming number of people I meet on a daily basis who are looking for jobs in Zimbabwe, they always say “I looked in the newspaper, there are no jobs” and every time I always stop them right there. That is why they are not getting jobs because jobs ...

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