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20 Logo designs for inspiration

We have showcased some of the best Zimbabwean creatives and their work, now we give you some of the best logo designs from all over the world. We have compiled 20 logo designs to get those creative juices flowing. These are some of the best logo designs in 2014, we have cherry picked them from all over the world. Let us know what you think, leave a comment below Image: Source Image: Source Image: Source Image: Source Image: Source Image: Source ...

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ZOL has a new redesigned logo

ZOL, one of Zimbabwe’s leading ISP's has a newly redesigned logo. They join the fray of many global technology company’s this year who have had their logos redesigned. The new design features a different sans serif font, the symbol that replaces the “O” in ZOL remains the same, with a slight gradient on both the text and the symbol. You can compare the one above which is the old logo and the new design just below. The new logo coincides with the launch of the their Superfast ...

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Microsoft gets a new logo….again!

Microsoft has changed their logo again for the third time to be precise, the first logo they had only lived for 5 years that’s from 1982-1987 followed by the the one everyone is now accustomed to which was launched in 1987-2012. But the new logo is not coming alone according to Microsoft it is just preparation for the launch of the new versions of their products. According to Microsoft they will be launching almost everything from Windows 8, Windows phone 8, Xbox, Office and more, we can’t ...

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