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NetOne takes aim at Telecel in Ad

Telecel seems to be on the receiving end of things lately, with the recent interconnection spat with Econet, now NetOne has thrown a jab on Telecel’s tagline. If you have listened or watched any of Telecel’s adverts you will know that they finish off with the phrase”Tell Someone”. NetOne begs to differ, they are are saying you should not only Tell Someone but Tell Everyone. In a booklet they compiled for the recently held UNWTO Conference, NetOne took Telecel’s tagline and ...

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Econet, Telecel and NetOne Websites, What we think!

The phrase of the year for all true web designers and developers is responsive design, simply put that is designing with mobile devices in mind. Though this is a new concept we can however forgive ordinary institutions that haven’t started implementing it yet but we will not forgive the big mobile phone operators. We won’t forgive these mobile phone operators well because they don’t have an excuse they have the money and they should be leading the way in the latest mobile trends because ...

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